Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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youth campaign was a complete success

started at the beginning of the year the town Kist renewed Kister circular to all teenagers aged between 12 and 18. Background to this action was to attract new young people for our youth fire brigade. The youth fire brigade was up to now for no more young people since our last youth went over 2008 in the active service. Through the campaign we were able to win new young people for the fire department.

We met at an information evening on 18/02/2009 at 18:00 clock in the training room of the fire. There, we were allowed
8 young people aged between 12 and 15 years welcome. After being welcomed by the mayor and the commander, we went even start right.

Initially, a film was shown on the activities in the youth fire brigade, following were some things on fire Kister told and what young people expect from us in the fire service, experience what they will. Then we put together set a week on which we will hold our youth exercises.
was followed then it really exciting, the idea of the vehicles and the shed was on the program. The young people were there with enthusiasm and curiosity was piqued. 19:30
counter clock, the event their end and all were looking forward to our first youth exercise.

on 03.03.2009, we met for the first time on youth training in the fire station.
To our friends we were here to welcome 10 young people but not 8.
The first thing a fireman or woman needs is of course his gear from head to toe. Say we have together sought the right for every child protection suit, assigned lockers and provides the first basic knowledge in fire fighting.

If we have not made even more curious young people, no problem, just come by. We meet every second Tuesday at our fire station. The next youth exercises found at 31.03. and at 14.04. each clock at 18:00 instead. Of course, girls are always welcome, and you dare come over.


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